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Make every day a treat with a delicious range of Indian food from Tandoori Hut Indian Restaurant. Tandoori Hut Indian Restaurant in Houston,TX is the only restaurant that serves authentic and traditional Indian dishes to satisfy your taste buds. You will be impressed by the interior design, chairs and relaxed atmosphere. We are sure you will be excited about the menu variety. The menu offers plenty of non-veg dishes that leave you feeling truly satisfied.The prices are very reasonable.

Rated as one of the best Indian restaurants in Houston, TX, it certainly isn’t going to disappoint. If you’re craving real, authentic, and traditional Indian food, then look no further than Tandoori Hut Indian Restaurant in Houston, TX. From mild to spicy, our skilled and expert chefs will make each dish individually to suit your preferences. All dishes are made with freshly ground herbs, vegetables, and traditional Indian spices and contain no MSG. Spices are added to each dish in order to enhance its unique aroma and flavor.

The staff are super friendly and you will most likely get a glimpse of a cheerful chef who will come to greet you at your table. The menu consists of delicious chicken specialties, amazing seafood varieties, and many more traditional Indian delicacies. You also have the option to order online if you are craving some Indian food or if you don’t have the time to dine at our restaurant. Otherwise, dine-in and kerbside pickup are also available. Visit Tandoori Hut Indian Restaurant in Houston, TX today!

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Tandoori Hut Indian Restaurant in Houston, TX serves up some authentic and traditional Indian cuisine for you. Here we offer you the opportunity to experience Indian food in Houston,TX which is a famous overall cuisine and worth trying. As soon as you enter, you will smell the aroma of fresh ingredients. The menu is a unique combination of traditional Indian dishes with a completely Indian flavor and authentic taste. Hurry up and get ready to experience real Indian dishes with your buddies or partner. Come and enjoy!

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